Minggu, 20 April 2014

Secret Ingredient

You know what? Sometimes, i mean often.. We have no idea about our cooking taste. Or worse, it is untaste at all. Even if we composed the seasoning as ussual we cooked, or same with book recipe, or follow our intuition_the last is the worst. Even we have added more salt, more sugar, more salt again, more sugar again and so on. We can ignore that we need some secret ingredient.

Sometimes we want to hold our idealism tight, that we will never cook with adding MSG. Or other preserfatives. In the same times we want to eat instant noodles very much. So we cook it by ourself ingredient. Some garlic, some pepper, some salt, very little sugar and also fried red onion. If you do this, don't put the instant seasoning to the trash. Just still keep it at your kitcen. You don't even know what will happen on your food taste, as i said before.

If it happens to you, it's time to use the secret ingredient. Something that i was recommended not to waste: instant noodle seasoning. Wakakakakak... It is very helpfull. Trust me.

Yeah i know that instan noodle seasoning is kind of preservatives. But, at least we don't delibeately buy it. Correct?!

Haaaahh... Actually i've frustrated when i cooked a friedrice, i've add much garlic, much onion, salt and sugar ang much pepper too (because i don't had any chilly). But my friedrice is untaste at all akakakak... Than i saw those secret ingredient and i added it into the friedrice. And tataaaa... It's better, much better. Mwohooooo...

It also usefull in another food you've cooked. But, remember! Just do this if you were frustrated.

Hummm, i often think that i need to learn about the chemical reaction between seasoning or with some vegetables and other baverage.

*and the most important things of this note is that i have been learning to write in english. wakakaka...

Thanks for reading :))
u can smile now :p